Below are some simple solutions to commonly encountered problems.

Before you check anything else

… make sure you have the latest OnRelay version installed from the app store.

And if all else fails, use the Report a Problem option available from the top right corner menu of the mobile app to let us know what is going on.

Calls to my mobile drop right after I answer them

This may indicate your cell carrier does not support OnRelay’s ‘Carrier Divert Detection’ mechanism. Go to your mobile app settings and disable this function. Please note that disabling this function also means your carrier voice mail may answer your office calls. To prevent this, you may use OnRelay’s voice mail also for personal cell calls by selecting ‘Single Voice Mail’.

The app keeps failing when signing in to the service as Registered User

If you were pre-registered, you may have entered your cell number incorrectly from your mobile app, or your administrator may have entered it incorrectly in your company’s user directory. Select Reset from the top right corner menu of the mobile app and try again. If this does not resolve it, contact your administrator to ensure the correct cell number has been entered for you in your web admin console.

I sign in as a New User, but it fails or says there are no more licenses available

Please ensure you were not pre-registered in your company’s user directory. If so, you should sign in as Registered User from the mobile app.

All my outbound calls go to my company’s main voice menu

This indicates your mobile OS may be blocking the call setup data signaling from the OnRelay app, which sometimes happens right after a new app install or upgrade. The issue will likely be resolved by rebooting your smartphone.

Please also check you have not blocked caller ID in your cellular network smartphone settings.

It says my server connection is unavailable or not authorized

It may just be that your wireless data connection is not working properly where you are at. Check that you can connect a regular mobile browser to a known web site both with WiFi switched on and off. You may e.g. have picked up a bad WiFi network that was previously configured on your smartphone, or something may be going on with your cellular data service at your location.

I cannot see caller IDs, it just says ‘Office Call’ or displays my company number

It may be that your company’s dial plan configuration has not been correctly synched with your smartphone. Go to the top right corner menu of your mobile app, select Reset, and then sign in again as Registered User to ensure your configuration is up to date.

I cannot see any of my recent outgoing calls in my log

Note if you are a supervisor, and you were dialing from your company’s main number, these calls will show in the Mainline panel of your Conversation log, not under your extension.

I am unable to download and play a voice mail 

It may be your credentials got out of synch. Please select Reset from the top right corner menu of the app, then sign in again as Registered User, and the app will re-synch itself with our servers.

I cannot reach the server from the mobile app or open the web admin link

Your public IP may have been blocked by our firewall. It is easy to check if this is going on from your mobile app by disabling WiFi on your smartphone. If you can connect OK to e.g. your company directory over cellular data, go to, note the IPv4 address there, and contact our support so we can whitelist it.

My Polycom phones say ‘URL Calling Disabled’

This means your Polycoms are unable to connect with our servers via your public Internet connection. There can be several causes:

  • Your Internet connection is down. Check whether this is the case from your PCs on the same network.
  • Your public IP address may have been blocked by our firewall. Check if you can reach or servers over cellular data from your mobile app, but not via WiFi. If this is the case, go to, note the IPv4 address there, and contact our support so we can whitelist your IP.
  • OnRelay may be down or unavailable. Check if you can reach OnRelay from your mobile app, e.g. by a directory lookup. Check both with WiFi switched on and off. If your mobile app works as normal, our service is up.
  • There is a major event going on in the public Internet, such as a hacker attack or downtime at a major carrier that makes Google Compute IPs unreachable from your network. Check with your Internet Service Provider.