Key Features

Company Mainline

A cornerstone of OnRelay’s service is the company mainline functionality. This encompasses all the cloud based call management features that enable you to configure how calls to your company main number are managed and distributed among users, groups and other call destinations.

Main Company Number

You get a new company number from OnRelay in your area code and country of choice, or you can port in an existing number at no cost. Calls to your main company number are per default routed to your main auto attendant, or you can alternatively enable a Live Operator group whose members can answer company calls directly.

Company Number Aliases

In addition to your main company number you can expand your mobile office phone system with other company numbers in different cities, area codes or countries. You can route these aliases to your main voice menu, or directly to sub-menus, call groups, or 3rd party answering services.

Auto Attendant

Behind the voice menus and call trees sits a powerful auto-attendant that automatically routes calls to your destinations of choice. The auto attendant will answer your incoming company calls, filter any spam calls, and transfer them onwards as per callers’ instructions.

Live Operator / Receptionist

Some companies prefer that an office manager or receptionist answer calls directly such that callers reach a real person first. OnRelay allows you to enable a specially designated parallel ring group called ‘Live Operator’ for this purpose. All members of this group will receive calls to your main company number first.

Custom Voice Menus

OnRelay is delivered with a default voice menu for your company main number. It is very straightforward to customize the menu with your dial options of choice, and the voice greeting is automatically updated when you change the menu. You can also just type in a custom greeting or upload a manual recording.

Call Tree

For many companies it is beneficial to build a multi level call tree of voice menus that allows your callers to more easily find the information or call destinations they are looking for. You may e.g. chose to use sub-auto attendants for each of your office locations and create a voice greeting with information about standard queries such as opening hours.

Parallel Ring Groups

Parallel ring groups are call groups where callers hear a normal ringback tone. All group members are called in parallel until the call times out. Unanswered calls go to a shared group voice mail box per default, or can be routed to other fallback destinations as configured in the admin panel.

Call Queues

Call queues are call groups where callers hear music on hold until their call is answered by a staff member. Queue group members are called according to preselected call distribution algorithms such as parallel, round robin, longest wait, random or ordered. Callers wait in the queue until someone answers or a custom time out expires.

Company Mailbox

In addition to individual mailboxes for users and groups, each account also has a company mailbox. This mailbox can be accessed by users tagged as supervisors and members of the live operator group. The company mailbox has after hours and holiday greetings in addition to the standard greeting.

Time of Day Routing

Each auto attendant and call group can be configured to be reachable either at all times or only during working hours. It is also possible to define in which time zone the working hours based routing takes effect, such that you can create e.g. local flexible working aware Sales and Support groups in geographically distributed organizations.  

3rd Party Answering Service

OnRelay supports tight integration with 3rd party answering services that can answer company calls your staff were not able to reach. This can be very useful as a 24×7 night service alternative or as a busy hour overflow mechanism. Human operators at the answering service provider get an OnRelay number to a specially designated auto-attendant that allows their virtual receptionists to transfer calls back to your extensions. Note the cost charged by the answering service provider for answering your calls is not covered by your OnRelay subscription.

Dial-by-Name Directory

All your company extensions are automatically entered into a dial-by-name directory alongside the names of your registered users. Callers can easily find your staff members by using phone keypads to spell their names, and have the current matches read out sequentially. Calls are then transferred onwards to the select mobile extensions.

Virtual Conference Rooms

With OnRelay you can add simple virtual conference rooms to which you can invite both internal and external callers to voice conferences. Callers can enter the conference room with a configurable PIN for both moderators and participants.

Inbound Fax-to-Email

Some businesses still rely on fax to distribute signed documents. OnRelay provides a mechanism to receive faxes as pdf files to your designated company mailbox email address. Note the OnRelay fax service handles inbound faxes only.

Mobile App

OnRelay is a mobile office phone system, and is designed such that all user functions are available via standard wireless voice minutes. Each user gets a mobile extension, and can use all the functionalities and features of the system from a mobile app on their smartphones.

Mobile Extensions

Each staff member registered as a user in your company gets a 3 short code digit extension as part of your short number dial plan. Their extension numbers can be dialed directly by other colleagues and entered by external callers when they reach any of your auto attendant voice menus.

Direct Public Number

Your users may optionally be assigned a direct inward dialing number (DID). This way their extension is directly reachable from outside callers so they don’t have to call via your mainline voice menu. Registered users can also dial out from their DIDs to direct office calls back their way.

Display Number Control

Your business may have multiple company numbers, some routed to your mainline and others directly to a call group such as Sales or Support or to a sub-auto attendant for a local office. Some users may also have direct inward dialing numbers (DIDs). Users can at any time select from their mobile app which of these numbers they want to present as their caller ID for outbound office calls.

Incoming Called Number

When you receive a company call with OnRelay it is clearly marked as an Office Call in your incoming call screen, alongside the calling number and name if available. It is also very useful to know which menu option the caller selected to reach you when answering a call. E.g. if the caller selected option 1 for Sales on your voice menu, the incoming call screen will say ‘Office Call via Sales’ alongside the caller ID.

Availability Call Routing

OnRelay’s mobile app includes a menu where you can select to route office calls to your mobile, to your landline VoIP phone, to both of them at the same time, or to send all office calls to voice mail. This way you can easily control how you want office calls to reach you.

Do Not Disturb

Most users use their personal smartphones with OnRelay. For flexible working purposes it is therefore critical to be able to turn off office calls at any time they only want to receive personal calls. This way you can use your personal smartphone with the service without having to turn off your cellphone when you do not want to receive office calls.

Call Group Sign In

The OnRelay mobile app includes a groups panel where users can join and leave call groups and also see who else is currently a member of the group. Group membership can be restricted by admins, and users will only see groups they are allowed to join.

Called Group Display

When receiving group calls, the incoming call screen shows which group is being dialed by the caller. This way users can answer correctly, e.g. if they are members of both a Sales and a Support group. Each call group also has a separate tab in the conversation and call log views.

Short Number Dialing

Registered users may call and message each other using 3-digit extensions from your internal dial plan. All voice menus and call groups also get 3 digit extensions that makes it easy to place or route calls to them. The live directory may also be used to click to dial any company extension.

Contacts Dialing and Lookup

If you use your standard smartphone contacts app via the OnRelay mobile app, contacts you text or dial will see your currently selected office display number as your call or message ID. Standard smartphone contacts will also be queried for office call caller name and photo display.

Live Company Directory

The OnRelay mobile app has a live directory with all your active extensions. For your colleagues you can see if they are available to receive office calls or if they are currently busy in a company call. You can also read any detailed free text presence info they have decided to share internally in your company.

Shared Presence

As mobile workers tend to be distributed, it is very useful to be able to notify colleagues about current whereabouts. The OnRelay app includes a simple free text field where you can add a presence status to your current availability setting that is shared in the live directory.

Integrated Conversations

The OnRelay mobile app has a powerful conversations view where you can see all office calls, messages and voice mails sorted on a per contact basis. This way it is easy to quickly track the most recent office communication. All records are synched with the cloud server infrastructure and stored centrally.

Call Group Conversations

In OnRelay each call group is also a message group. The mobile app conversation view elegantly separates your direct conversations from your call group conversations. This way a call group such as Sales can communicate as one with external parties, and current members can also share info via messages within the group.

Instant Messaging

Within your company you can send and receive instant messages using your 3 digit extensions. You can also send instant messages within any call group. Just click on another user or group in your live directory to send a new message. The instant message service includes received and read notifications as well as typing status, as you would expect from a modern messaging app.

SMS Text Messaging

Your company numbers may optionally be enabled for external SMS text messaging (US and Canada only). This way staff can send and receive messages from your main company number as well as from direct numbers to individual call groups and users. For group and mainline messages all users with access to the group can see what other group members have texted to the external party to avoid misunderstandings.

Extension Forwarding

From the mobile app it is possible to forward all direct extension calls to another internal extension. This can be done to allow a colleague to temporary handle all your calls, or to ensure calls are answered for someone that has recently left the company.

Call Transfer

After you answer an office call on your smartphone, you may transfer it onwards to any other 3 digit extension in your company. You can transfer the call e.g. back to your main voice menu, to a call group, or to another user extensions. I you use the live directory to transfer you can check whether a colleague is busy in another call or set to do not disturb before you transfer.

Visual Voice Mail

OnRelay’s mobile office phone system includes an advanced voice mail system where messages can be retrieved in a variety of ways, including dial-in and email forwarding. The simplest way to manage the message inbox is to use the mobile app’s visual voice mail feature to download and listen to voice messages. The visual voice mail also works on call group voice messages, such that read status is shared among members.

Carrier Divert Detection

OnRelay uses standard cell carrier calls and voice minutes to transport your office calls. The patented protocol includes an advanced mechanism that prevents your staff’s carrier voice mail inboxes to answer office calls. This function is particularly important for parallel ring groups calls, since otherwise someone’s phone being switched off could immediately answer all company calls.

Who Answered Queue Call

In a distributed and mobile team it is sometimes difficult to know if someone else actually answered a missed parallel ring or queue group call. The OnRelay mobile app constantly syncs its call log with the server infrastructure, and displays who answered the call in the conversations view.

Carrier WiFi Calls

The OnRelay mobile app seamlessly integrates with the carrier WiFi call function of your smartphone. All you need to do to use WiFi calls for your office calls is to turn on this setting in your standard smartphone carrier settings. Then both your personal smartphone calls and your office calls will automatically follow this setting.

IP Phones

OnRelay has been designed to be 100% functional for smartphone users, and landline VoIP extensions are not required. Irrespectively, some customers value landline extensions and OnRelay therefore supports tight VoIP integration with both IP desk phones and PC soft phones.

Landline Pairing

If you use a landline VoIP phone with OnRelay it is tightly coupled with your mobile app. It has the same 3 digit extension. Your mobile app outbound number selection will be used for outbound landline calls as well. Your office voice mail box is shared between your mobile app and your landline phone. All your call permissions and call log history are also integrated.

Parallel Ring

From the mobile app availability setting you configure how you want your landline phone to ring. When you have enabled landline pairing you can set your availability to Ring Both, Ring Mobile, Ring Landline, Do Not Disturb or Forward. With Ring Both enabled, both your mobile all and your landline will ring, and you can decide where to answer each call.

Polycom VVX Desk Phone

OnRelay supports Polycom’s range of VVX multimedia desk phones for use with the service. Most users prefer the simple 3xx series devices, whereas office managers and receptionists sometimes go for more advanced models.

Bria PC Softphone

OnRelay supports the CounterPath Bria Solo softphone for PC and MAC users. The softphone supports VoIP calling and call transfers using your 3 digit extension for internal calls. It receives office calls on your computer with your mobile app availability set to Ring Both or Ring Landline.

Consultation Transfer

Office managers and receptionists frequently answer incoming mainline calls. They often find consultation transfers useful to transfer calls onwards to colleagues, such that they can verify someone is available to answer the transferred call before sending it through.

Multiple Line Keys

Office managers, executive assistants and receptionists sometimes want to monitor the line of senior executives. Additional line keys can be added for this purpose, which includes in-call status, to make it easy to filter and transfer calls. Sometimes it may also be beneficial to have call groups such as Sales and Support ring at a shared phone in an office reception area or similar.

Auto Provisioning

VoIP can be cumbersome to configure for non technical users. Auto provisioning is therefore an important function to ensure VoIP phones can be rolled out and changed with a minimum number of steps. OnRelay hosts a complete auto-provisioning service such that all phone configuration parameters are centrally managed and maintained.

Video Calls

As distributed teams and home working is increasingly common, video calls us very useful to keep remote teams connected. The Bria Solo computer softphone supports video chats between company extensions. All you need to do to setup a video call is to dial a colleague’s 3 digit extension, and if a video link is available on both sides a video camera button is enabled.

Web Administration

Account administrators have access to a comprehensive web admin panel that makes it straightforward to maintain users, groups, and advanced mainline features. OnRelay is initially delivered with a default mainline setup that can be expanded to support deep call trees and multi-location configurations.

User Management

The OnRelay web admin panel increase a view which shows all active users, new users can be added, and existing users can be deleted or disabled. User details can also be accessed to check their most recent activity, advanced settings, and what software versions they are currently using.

Group Management

The OnRelay web admin panel includes a group admin panel where both parallel ring groups and queue groups can be created, deleted and configured. Group memberships can be managed directly, and administrators can also restrict membership to groups for certain staff that can join or leave groups themselves from their mobile apps.

Auto Attendant Builder

Administrators can build and managed advanced call trees by linking multiple auto attendants from the web admin panel. There are no restrictions as to how many auto attendants may be added to an account, and it is common to define separate auto attendants for local office locations or for sharing often accessed information.

Multi Location Setup

It is possible to build a truly global or nationwide system with OnRelay, where you can have local numbers at an unlimited number of office locations. Each location can have its own local language voice menu, and you can have mobile users at any country location where you have a local number.\

After Hours Greeting

The company mailbox has an after hours greeting that is automatically enabled when company working hours are configured. The default after hours greeting reads the current working hours, and can be customized by typing a different greeting or uploading a manual recording.

Company Working Hours

You can define your company working hours and apply those across all your locations and time zones. Both auto-attendants and call groups can be restricted to manage calls only during your working hours for a specific time zone.

Fallback Routing

Sometimes a parallel ring group or queue call may go unanswered, in which case it is important to route the call to a sensible destination. You may want to create a special auto-attendant, a fallback group, a group mailbox or use the general company mailbox. It is also possible to integrate with a 3rd party answering service that can be setup as a fallback destination for any group or queue.

Global Dial Plan

For larger organizations it is frequently meaningful to allocate direct numbers for special function call groups such as Sales and Support. In a distributed system across cities, states or countries it is also common to setup multiple localized auto attendants with local direct numbers. OnRelay e.g. routes calls with local numbers to separate auto attendants in Europe, APAC and USA.

Voice Greeting Generation

It can be very time consuming to manually record voice greetings and keep them in synch with menus and user changes. OnRelay ensures all voice greetings are automatically created and updated when you click Save for any change to an auto attendant, user or group. All greetings may also be updated by just typing in a greeting message for the speech generator, or you may of course upload a manual recording.

Multi Language Voices

The OnRelay text to speech generator auto generates voice prompts in a variety of voices, including Australian, US and GB English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. Language settings can be defined for each auto attendant as well as for group voice mail boxes and queue greetings.

Conference Management

It is possible to define a number of virtual conference rooms with OnRelay. Each room has a dial in extension and custom PINs for moderators and participants. Conference rooms can be reachable for outside callers via a direct mainline alias number or from voice menus.

Answering Service Setup

Sometimes it is useful to offload staff with a professional 3rd party answering service that can pick up unanswered mainline calls. With OnRelay it is very straightforward to integrate any such commercial answering service by adding them as an extension in the internal dial plan. This way the answering service can be easily reached from voice menus and / or as a fallback destination for any parallel ring group or queue.

Call History

The web admin panel includes a call history tab where administrators can browse all recent company calls. The call history will display who answered the call initially and also follow its route to its final destination.

Subscription Overview

You can check your company’s mobile office phone system monthly subscription at the web admin panel. Subscriptions are broken down as individual licenses with per item costs.