OnRelay’s Technology

OnRelay is a complete mobile business phone system that works using regular wireless carrier calls. You use your existing wireless contracts with their unlimited minutes packages or native smartphone wifi calling when available. You need no infrastructure and are guaranteed the same voice quality and coverage at work, at home and on the move that you are used to.

Most other business phone systems instead rely on proprietary VoIP apps for mobile users. VoIP apps however have a major drawback that they depend on VoIP over cellular data or WiFi in the public domain. This means you cannot trust you will be able to place or receive an important call with your office line when you are out and about or at a congested, restricted or unreliable WiFi location. VoIP apps may also be poorly integrated on your smartphone, and VoIP cellular data usage is costly.

OnRelay demonstrates that advanced mobile business telephony is reliably delivered utilizing the ever-increasing quality, coverage and switching capacity of public cell networks. We have pioneered this challenging fixed-mobile convergence space since the early 2000’s on a continous mission to build the ideal mobile business phone system (see our original US patent). Here are some of the difficult challenges we have uniquely overcome to realize all our advanced business telephony features over cell networks:

  • OnRelay enables cellular company phone extensions without requiring any changes to the underlying cellular network infrastructure. This means all wireless carriers are supported, you can use existing wireless contracts, and the service works while roaming between networks.
  • OnRelay fully separates personal and business cell calls on a single device. This means you can for each call select to dial from a company number or from your existing cell number. Incoming company calls are presented as office calls on the standard incoming call screen. The office extension can be set to Do Not Disturb while still allowing personal cell calls to get through.
  • OnRelay’s software determines with 100% accuracy if an incoming cell call is answered by a cell carrier voice mail box or an actual person. So OnRelay can guarantee that a company call is never answered by a personal cell carrier voice mail box, and vice versa.
  • OnRelay reliably supports cell phones in parallel ring groups and call queues. By detecting if a personal cell carrier voice mail box tries to pick up an office call, smartphones that are switched off or out of coverage are prevented from stealing parallel ring calls or disrupting the sequential call routing between call queue agents.
  • OnRelay allows cellular office calls to be routed through your company phone system with no unusual dialing steps, audio prompts or similar hiccups in the call flow. You simply dial from your company number of choice and receive company calls using your normal smartphone dialer.
  • OnRelay’s mobile client displays called number and called group (e.g. Sales, Support) in addition to standard caller ID on the smartphone dial screen for incoming calls. So you always know if you answer a personal call or a business call. You can also configure a separate ring tone for business calls.
  • You can transfer office cell calls to other company extensions. OnRelay can do this even if there is no transfer option on most standard Android and iPhone phone dialers.
  • For staff that want a desktop phone in addition to a smartphone, OnRelay’s software seamlessly pairs Polycom IP desk-phones with cellular extensions. This includes easily configurable parallel ring settings, shared caller ID settings, shared voice mail box, shared extension number, shared everything.
  • Since OnRelay supports standard carrier voice minutes we also seamlessly support carrier WiFi dialing. This means no VoIP app or proprietary VoIP infrastructure is necessary to use wireless VoIP with OnRelay. Just enable carrier WiFi dialing in your standard iPhone or Android settings. I.e. when you are on a good WiFi network you can rely on fully integrated native smartphone VoIP solutions rather than the proprietary VoIP apps used by other business phone