Looking for the Best Mobile Business Phone System?

It feels great to be part of a global company that makes us feel bigger than we are. We are bi-coastal and spend a lot of time out of the office. I can get incoming calls as if I were sitting at my desk regardless of where I am.

Enterprise Features in Your Pocket

OnRelay is a feature rich mobile business phone system. Calls are delivered using consistent high quality cell minutes, and your mobile staff get enterprise level call management features right in your pocket.

Easy Setup of Advanced Voice Menus

Get in touch with our support team that will help you get quickly setup with advanced custom voice menus and powerful call group routing options. Let OnRelay help you ensure calls to your main company number are always handled in a consistent and responsive manner by your mobile and remote staff.

Callers Want Answers

Customers often call when they cannot find answers online. OnRelay connects them quickly to qualified mobile representatives.

Connect Key Staff

Your key people are often your busiest and most mobile staff. Use the best mobile business phone system to ensure they get your big calls.


2 months 3 weeks ago

The devil is in the details to effectively manage company calls within a small, dispersed mobile team. Give OnRelay a go by ordering a 2 week fully featured free trial at www.onrelay.com/order.

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5 months 1 week ago

Nothing beats a great customer review to put a smile on our faces -- this one recently posted at Gartner's Capterra 🙂

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5 months 2 weeks ago

Is your business phone service geared towards filtering and reducing customer traffic to key staff? You want important customer calls to reach key staff. Route it there as quickly as possible.


7 months 1 week ago

We take time to help setup your voice menus, auto attendants and call groups even if you are a 1 or 2 user business on a free trial. This to ensure you can present your customers with a professional and efficient voice interface when they call your main company phone number. Happy customers are easier and more fun to support!


9 months 3 weeks ago

Have you ever called a business and been infuriated by endless loops entering dial codes and talking to bots before reaching an actual human being? And then been left unimpressed by the service level offered when you finally reach someone? OnRelay works from the assumption that most customers who call your main company number already have googled your web site for information, help and answers. So they may already be impatient after spending some of their valuable working hours or spare time without getting anywhere. So we think it is very important to quickly connect main company number callers to your most qualified staff. How? First and foremost by making it really easy for all mobile workers to join a call queue or ring group to help receive important customer calls. Secondly to keep it simple for your administrators to build a voice menu and associated call groups that quickly route callers to the right function, team, location or contact. We stay very hands on to help ensure you get your service right. No matter the size of your business. Learn more about our powerful mobile business phone system at www.onrelay.com, and get in touch with our support team for a free trial! #phonesystem #phonesystems #mobileworker #workfromanywhere #workfromanywhere #VoIP #voip #PBX #pbx #CustomerService #customerservice