The Mobile Business Phone System

Mobile Business Phone System

It feels great to be part of a global company that makes us feel bigger than we are. We are bi-coastal and spend a lot of time out of the office. I can get incoming calls as if I were sitting at my desk regardless of where I am.

Advanced Features

OnRelay is a feature rich mobile business phone system. Calls are delivered using consistent high quality cell minutes, and your mobile staff get enterprise level call management features right in your pocket.

Simple Setup

OnRelay is preconfigured with a default voice menu that is easy to change. Let OnRelay help you ensure calls to your main company number are handled in a consistent manner by your mobile staff.


Callers Want Good Answers

Customers often call when they cannot find answers online. OnRelay connects them quickly to qualified mobile representatives.


Connect Clients with Key Staff

Your key people are often your busiest and most mobile staff. Use the best mobile business phone system to ensure they get your big calls.


20 hours 30 minutes ago

Meet Ruth, our new neural voice. When you sign up Ruth will quickly fill in all your custom voice menus, mailbox greetings and auto attendant prompts using your company name. She sounds eerie human, unmute video to listen!


1 month 2 weeks ago

We are very excited to share our new partnership with Working Group Two (

OnRelay's tight integration with Working Group Two's borderless core carrier infrastructure enables us to fully bridge cloud business phone systems with regular mobile telephony.

Now regular business cell calls will no longer bypass the company call management infrastructure and advanced customer relationship and quality management features.

The new functionality is a cornerstone of OnRelay's upcoming v9 release. It will be rolled out for Working Group Two enabled subscribers globally.

Watch this space!


5 months 2 days ago

Many new customer prospects will go to your website first and call your main company phone number next.

Are you missing an opportunity to make a good first impression with a professional sounding phone system voice menu?

Contact us for a free trial, and let us help you quickly configure a custom branded auto-attendant for your business!


7 months 4 weeks ago

Distributing company calls within a small mobile workforce can be challenging. New prospects often call your company main number to check your teams' responsiveness. A mobile call queue helps ensure all important leads are handled systematically!


10 months 4 weeks ago

The devil is in the details to effectively manage company calls within a small, dispersed mobile team. Give OnRelay a go by ordering a 2 week fully featured free trial at

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