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Do your employees work from home? Do you have mobile staff, remote offices, international branches, shared office space, remote employees or freelancers?
If so, you need to stay connected to your customers and team.
The good news is you don’t need an expensive phone system to sound professional. OnRelay is designed for small companies. There is no need for deskphones or hardware; it uses standard cellular networks. So no matter where you are in the world, you can stay localised.
Transform your mobile phone into a powerful phone system with OnRelay today.

A Company Phone System for Cellular Networks

  • A complete mobile business phone system
  • Works with mobile contracts from any carrier
  • Uses normal cellular connections (not VoIP)
  • Company numbers available in 26 countries
  • Cloud based service with no binding period

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How it Works

  • A call comes into your main company number
  • A receptionist answers the call, or the call is answered by the auto-attendant
  • Caller selects a call group from the auto-attendant, e.g. 1 for Sales, 2 for Support
  • All current call group members are called in parallel on their cell phones
  • Calls use normal cellular minutes (not VoIP)
  • The call appears on the incoming call screen as an ‘Office Call’ with calling number and name
  • Staff can also see which group and company number was called
  • Calls can be transferred to colleagues in any country using the directory or 3 digit extensions
  • Unanswered group calls go to shared voicemail
  • Staff can select to return calls from their company mainline number in any country
  • Staff can select to place their company extension in ‘do not disturb’ mode
  • Staff benefits from preserving the privacy of their personal cell number and by controlling availability of company calls

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Fixed Monthly Pricing

  • $19.99 for company mainline
  • $17.99 per mobile user
  • $19.99 per fixed mobile user
  • $9.99 per additional main number
  • Prices include phone numbers, minutes, hosting, licenses, support and upgrades

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Simple Implementation

  • Place your order below or request a free trial here
  • Receive a 2 week free trial
  • Select a new company number immediately, or port an existing mainline number (3-5 days)
  • Account is setup per your preferences
  • Receive a license key within 24 hours
  • Staff download the OnRelay app from app stores
  • Only one minute to set up each user
  • Staff join mainline call groups per your company policies

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Mobile Phone System Features

Company Mainline: The company mainline supports live attendants as well as auto-attendants.
Auto-Attendants: The multi-level auto-attendant features has advanced voice menus that routes calls to call groups, user extensions, directories and receptionists.
Mainline Aliases: The company can have mainline numbers in multiple cities, states or countries
Parallel Ring Groups: Staff can join and leave parallel ring groups from their mobile apps, and see who else is in the group.
Queue Groups: Call groups can also be configured as queues where callers hear music on hold and wait for the next available person.
Live-Operator: Members of a special purpose Operator parallel ring group are called before the auto-attendant answers.
Auto Generated Menus: OnRelay's text to speech engine automatically generates voice menus in the selected language and region. Menus can be overridden by manual recordings when desired.
Working Hours: Weekly working hours can be setup for any time zone and any schedule. Corresponding voice prompts are auto-generated.
Messaging: The mobile app supports both external SMS text messaging and internal instant messaging, both from individual extensions and groups.
Dial-by-Name Directory:
 External callers can reach any staff member using the auto-attendant's dial-by-name directory.
Extension Dialing: External callers and colleagues can reach staff using 3-digit extension dialing.
Call Transfers: Incoming office calls can be transferred to any colleague using a presence enabled directory or 3 digit extensions.
Outbound ID Selection: Place company calls from a company mainline number in any country or from direct inward dialing numbers.
Do Not Disturb: Users can set their office line to Do Not Disturb, while still accepting normal cell calls.
Landline Pairing: A user extension can be paired with an IP phone. Office calls can be configured to Ring Both, Ring Landline or Ring Mobile.
Visual Voice Mail: Extension calls are routed to personal voice mail boxes. Group calls are routed to shared inboxes. Voice mails can be downloaded, played and managed from the mobile app.
Calling Number and Name Display: Incoming office calls are displayed with calling number and name. Name lookup is server-side for colleagues and from device contacts for external callers.
Called Number and Group Display: Incoming office calls also show which company number and call group that was dialed.
Live Directory: The live directory displays the call forwarding and in-call status of all staff.
Phone Contacts: Calls to any phone contact from company number can be dialed from the mobile app.
Conferencing: A company conference bridge with a PIN can be reached via the auto-attendant. Ad hoc conferences can be setup from the smartphone app.
Mobile User Admin: Administrators can disable lost or stolen phones, add, remove and change users, and remotely update call routing options their staff.
Web Admin Panel: Administrators also have access to a comprehensive web admin panel where they can manage users, call groups and their members, and build advanced mainline features such as multi-level auto-attendants, working hour schedules and queues.