OnRelay UMBX to Support iPhone

OnRelay announces support of its Mobile PBX (Unified MBX) on iPhone.

London, 22 July 2010 – OnRelay today announces support of its Mobile PBX (Unified MBX) on iPhone, available early 2011. OnRelay already supports Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Mobile operating systems. With the addition of iPhone support, OnRelay’s Mobile PBX will support 90 percent of all smartphones.

iPhone is important to OnRelay, as its market penetration is expected to surpass an already impressive 16% this year, 3 years after launch. Growth is particularly strong in North America and APAC, and it shows no signs of slowing. Most notable about the success of iPhone is its ignition of the application community.

“With iPhone, Apple singlehandedly created the marketplace for mobile apps – a key element for OnRelay UMBX,” observes Ivar Plahte, CEO of OnRelay. “iPhone has become an engine of growth for disruptive software applications in telecoms, and with the latest v4 release of iPhone OS I am very pleased we are now able to provide iPhone business users with a feature-complete Mobile PBX app that can fully replace their office deskphones.”

OnRelay Unified MBX supports a significant opportunity for mobile operators to ride the wave of mobile applications to disrupt the PBX market. OnRelay’s Cloud based Mobile PBX frees business customers from all IP PBX hardware and infrastructure costs, while fully supporting all business PBX requirements for advanced call management, availability, security, control, customisation and shared administration that are poorly supported by operator Centrex solutions.