OnRelay Takes Businesses Cellular with Version 6

(San Francisco, CA, June 03, 2015) OnRelay today released version 6 of its cellular business phone service for general availability. Highlights of the major upgrade include improvements to OnRelay’s mainline feature, which enables a mobile workforce to manage and distribute customer calls using standard cellular connections.

OnRelay allows its customers to take their business phone systems 100% mobile, relying on the ever-improving quality and performance of smartphones and cellular networks.

Says Jerry Johnson of Monte Johnson Insurance based in Tulelake, CA and Klamath Falls, OR: “We have tried traditional analog PBX, VOIP and now cellular. Due to our office location and poor availability of other carriers or options, this has been the best experience we have had in over three years. We have moved our whole staff to OnRelay and the effeciency and call quality are the best we’ve had in a long time.”

Complete control of availability for office calls is another key benefit of the OnRelay service. Richard Knight of Korts & Knight, an interior architecture firm with offices in San Francisco, CA and New York City, NY, says: “ I am ‘in the office’ wherever I may be, and still can control with ease what calls ring on my phone.”

For many organisations it is critical to keep track of all office calls, including cell calls, for billing, customer management and compliance purposes. With OnRelay, cell calls are included in the business call history accessible from the OnRelay web portal. “I am thrilled with the call logs”, says Edward J Tracy, Attorney, from Newton, TX.

Martin David, CEO of preferred partner Connect Everywhere of Carlsbad, CA says: “​We, at Connect Everywhere, are delighted to be able to offer the latest version of the OnRelay mobile office phone system. The advancements that v6 brings provide significant improvements to a system that ​already ​allows businesses to​ deploy a feature rich​,​ cloud based phone system ​using just their smartphones​ and therefore eliminating the costs associated with hardware, cabling, installation, and maintenance contracts.”

With version 6, a new ‘Operator’ group allows group members to flexibly take on a receptionist role by answering mainline calls before they reach the auto-attendant voice menu. Each call group also has a shared voice mail box accessible from the mobile app for all group members. OnRelay’s parallel call group feature has been further enhanced with the ability for administrators to edit, add and remove call groups directly from the OnRelay smartphone app. Corresponding voice prompts and auto-attendant voice menus are auto generated.

Another notable new feature is the ability to selectively dial out from either the direct inward dialling office number or from the company main number. This allows business users to control the routing and management of return customer calls. When business contacts are called from the direct inward dialling number, return calls reach the user’s smartphone directly and display as office calls. When customers are called from from the company main number, return calls are handled by the mainline auto-attendant, receptionists and associated call groups.

“Small businesses using landline oriented phone systems struggle with managing customer calls professionally as their workforces grow increasingly mobile”, says Ivar Plahte, OnRelay’s CEO. “With this release, we remain far ahead with offering a complete business phone service for a virtual workforce that relies on smartphones and standard cellular connections for their communications needs.”

OnRelay version 6 further includes a significant number of sub-system upgrades as well as scalability and reliability improvements. It also includes a mobile UI refresh for both iOS and Android.
The OnRelay app is available for download on both Google Play and Apple iTunes Connect. The OnRelay service may be ordered at https://www.onrelay.com/order or by contacting sales@onrelay.com.