OnRelay Releases Version 5.2 with Powerful Mobile PBX Features

(San Francisco, California, 23 March 24) OnRelay today released its Office Phone app version 5.2 with an additional set of features that further allows business customers to cut their landlines and desk-phones.

Based on feedback from its customers, OnRelay is adding another set of advanced Mobile PBX features.  The features are designed to allow smartphone users to effectively manage group calls and receptionist calls, enhancing existing mainline and call groups features:

  • Called number and call group display: In addition to caller ID, the incoming dial screen now also indicates the called number. This means it displays whether the user’s direct inwards dialling (DID) number was called, whether a mainline or call group number was called, or whether the call was transferred from someone else internally.  This greatly helps busy high call volume users separate between direct calls and parallel group calls.
  • Call transfer: Smartphone users can now transfer calls to other colleagues.  Calls can be transferred via the online directory with a click of a button, where the presence indicator also indicate whether the colleague is already engaged in a call or set to do not disturb.
  • Ad-hoc conference: Smartphone users can add and drop internal and external conference participants on the fly with a single click, enabling collaboration within the organisation and with customers.

As before the features are uniquely available to smartphone users via standard cellular voice connections over any cellular carrier.

“With this release we continue our commitment to allow business customers to go fully mobile with their phone systems,” says Ivar Plahte, OnRelay’s CEO. “We appreciate all the good input and feedback from our initial customer base, and will continue to innovate and adapt our service to their needs. We have a unique technology to allow cellular users a complete Mobile PBX feature set, and these are further examples of what we can do.”

Version 5.2 is currently available for Android with iPhone soon to follow.

OnRelay’s Mobile Office Phone service is available at:


Apple iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/app/onrelay-office-phone/id687764703?mt=8d

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.onrelay.j2me.mbx.bin.android

Larger customers please contact sales@onrelay.com / +1 415 523 6400.