OnRelay Mobilizes its Administrators with version 6.1

(San Francisco, January 21, 2016) OnRelay today released version 6.1 of its cellular business phone service for general availability. In version 6.1, OnRelay adds a number of powerful management features that allow customer administrators to manage their business phone service from their mobile apps.

A major part of running a business is to ensure important calls are properly handled by its organization. With OnRelay 6.1 administrators can add, remove and update users directly from their mobile apps. Importantly, administrators can disable users that have lost or displaced their smartphones, they can forward their calls to other staff members, and they can register new cell numbers for staff with new contracts. For new users available numbers from the company dial plan can be assigned as the administrator sees fit.

Administrators can also create, modify and remove mainline call groups from their mobile app. After a call group change, a new corresponding mainline auto-attendant voice menu is auto-generated with OnRelay’s text-to-speech engine. It is thereafter easy to track staffs’ call group memberships.

Says Ivar Plahte, OnRelay CEO: “When managing a mobile office phone service it is easy to neglect the importance of enabling customer administrators fast and mobile access to management functions. Since our business phone service is mobile, we find it natural to incorporate administration features within our live user directory of the mobile app, blurring the distinction between using and managing the service.”

OnRelay’s Mobile Office Phone service is available for direct orders via PayPal using any credit or debit card at www.onrelay.com/order
The OnRelay Office Phone app can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple iTunes.
Larger customers please contact sales@onrelay.com / +1 415 523 6400.

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