(San Francisco, 4 March 2013) OnRelay today announced version 5 of its Mobile Office Phone system which supports signup, auto-provisioning, self-configuration and monthly billing via the Google Play mobile app store. The service is initially available in the US, with UK to follow shortly.

This means OnRelay customers are able to obtain, pay for and use their mobile office phone from their smartphones.  The service is ideal for mobile or virtual organisations that need to answer and manage their customer communications without being desk-bound.  The service starts at $9.99 per smartphone user office number per month which includes all US domestic calls.

Included in version 5 is a new group feature which allows staff to dynamically select which call groups they currently belong to, creating a powerful and flexible tool to share incoming call management in a small team and ensure calls to Sales, Customer Service and Company Mainline are always promptly answered.

The service is provisioned using a tenanted version of the OnRelay Mobile Cloud Exchange system executing on Amazon EC2 cloud images.  Larger businesses may contact OnRelay for dedicated instances.