OnRelay Announces Increased Focus on Middle East and African Markets

London, 25th August 2010 – OnRelay today announces that it has expanded its marketing and sales team to add focus on the Middle East and African markets (MEA) following success in ASIA PAC and Europe. This continues OnRelay’s ever increasing global push into new regions that are showing substantial growth, as well as a keenness to adopt leading edge mobile technologies.

OnRelay’s technology is particularly attractive for operators in the Middle East and Africa as it gives them an all-software Mobile PBX solution to offer SME customers, which have, until now, been too small to benefit from the high cost of hardware-based PBX products. OnRelay UMBX opens the MEA enterprise voice market for Operators, allowing their customers to leap-frog traditional PBX hardware and the need for fixed line infrastructure. In this sense, OnRelay UMBX creates a new market that heretofore did not exist.

“MEA is a hotbed of mobile activity right now, as operators strive to offer best of breed corporate mobility solutions, eschewing any need for fixed line PBX infrastructure,” notes Marie Wold, President and CFO of OnRelay. “High software margins, rapid deployment, low integration costs and the ability to work seamlessly when end users roam internationally are today’s must have requirements for mobile operators.”

OnRelay are currently offering cloud-based trials of its latest version of its Mobile PBX software UMBX 4.1, to qualifying operators in the Middle East and Africa, giving them the opportunity to evaluate the software with a minimum of set up time or impact on current systems.

OnRelay’s all software Unified MBX (UMBX) is the first Cloud based Mobile PBX. It is a revolutionary all-software Mobile PBX that is delivered by operators as Software as a Service (SaaS), offering fast and economical worldwide deployments. UMBX requires no network integration, works over any cellular network and requires no hardware expenditure. Users can replace their desk phones with mobile phones, making the mobile phone the only office phone extension. As OnRelay’s UMBX utilises the power of the open source community by integrating the feature rich IP PBX – SipXecs – OnRelay eliminates any third party licensing costs.