OnRelay’s Latest Mobile PBX Reinforces Cloud Leadership

UMBX 4.1.1 supports BlackBerry, High Availability, Disaster Recovery, VMware cloud platforms, SipXecs 4.2

London, 30th September 2010 – OnRelay today announces the release of the next evolution of its cloud-based Mobile PBX software, Unified MBX v4.1.1. This release’s highlights include a full featured Blackberry mobile client, High Availability, Disaster Recovery, VMware based cloud platform support, multi-tenanting, and integration of the latest SipXecs v4.2 open source IP PBX. The release is currently in trials in over 10 operators worldwide.

OnRelay’s Unified MBX is the first and only all-software cloud-based Mobile PBX. It is an all-software Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) system delivered by operators as Software as a Service (SaaS), offering fast and economical worldwide deployments. UMBX requires no mobile network integration, works over any cellular network, and requires no hardware expenditure by the operator or end user. Users can replace their desk phones with mobile phones, making the mobile phone the only office phone extension. Importantly, Unified MBX can also support SIP soft phones and desk phones. Unified MBX utilizes the power of the open source community by integrating the feature rich IP PBX – SipXecs – on a Linux core. Unified MBX consists solely of OnRelay proprietary software and open source components, which allows for aggressive volume pricing and flexible deployment options.
Ivar Plahte, OnRelay CEO, comments, “Our Cloud-based Mobile PBX allows operators to combine the best of PBX and Centrex worlds by cost-efficiently offering both hardware savings from operator hosting and customer ownership of dedicated PBX instances.” Plahte continues, “With mobiles as primary extensions, expensive VoIP landline connections to customer premises are avoided. So the customer is the real winner, they get twice the productivity and responsiveness at 20% of the cost in 1/3 of the time – all while regaining IT management of mobile telephony.”
OnRelay’s support of cloud deployment models make Unified MBX ideal for mid-to-large size customers that want an operator-hosted and ‘box-free’ Mobile PBX solution, but demand a larger degree of security, control, flexibility, customization and self-management than offered by operator Centrex solutions. Critically for the operator and customers alike, MBX instances can be quickly and cost-efficiently deployed in a ‘plug and play’ fashion on individual Linux cloud images. Both Xen (Amazon EC2) and VMware based cloud platforms are currently supported by Unified MBX.
With this release, OnRelay further confirms its continued commitment to the SIP Foundry open source organisation by submitting its new High Availability module to the sipXecs open source project. This module allows high availability failover of sipXecs media services. Unified MBX also includes various sipXecs plug-ins that allow seamless mobile integration with all advanced sipXecs call management features such as sequential and simultaneous hunt groups, auto-attendants, operator consoles, IVRs and ACDs. The latest sipXecs release 4.2 is in its own right a substantial leap forward in IP PBX open source technology with the addition of 115 new features and 187 improvements. New sipXecs features include enhanced IM and Presence federation via XMPP, Web Conferencing (DimDim), FreeSwitch based conferencing, and use of IMAP for Unified Messaging.