OnRelay is 100% functional over standard cellular networks:

Manage critical company calls

Don't let important calls from your key customers go to waste. Make your company appear established and professional, and ensure your mainline calls are handled professionally by a mobile workforce.

Pick up the phone

Do you rely on messaging or email to communicate with top prospects? They want to speak to someone - and expect a quality connection. Talk to your customers and ensure all their calls are properly managed.

Use cellular not VoIP

OnRelay works 100% using standard cellular minutes, whereas all its competitors rely on unreliable mobile VoIP apps. OnRelay's mobile company phone service works with your existing contract over any wireless network.

Hear from customers across the globe:

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"The call quality is superb, connection times reasonable. Separation of personal cellular calls and PBX quality business calls is easy and employees are very happy with using their personal cell phones with the OnRelay app to place high quality business calls."

" I am 'in the office’ wherever I may be, and still can control with ease what calls ring on my phone."


"Now my business operates successfully from Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg from my cellphone! I highly recommend OnRelay for small to medium sized businesses."

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