I Use a VoIP App

If your top customer prospect or investor calls, do you really want to pitch your business on a VoIP app? Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber and other VoIP apps are great for cheap calls, video and messaging with your friends. But they are not business phone systems and do not present your customers with a professional call experience. Call quality can be poor and you are hard to reach in urgent situations. So using a consumer VoIP app as your main company contact number may seem hip and cool, but in reality it just makes your company appear small and unprofessional.

To the contrary, OnRelay is a complete cellular business phone system with a wide range of powerful call management and call distribution features. These include a company mainline, auto-attendants, live operators, call groups, extension dialling, shared group voice mail boxes, called number and group display, call transfers, night service, and dial by name directories. These features are all designed to help make your company answer calls better and appear professional towards customers and partners.