I Have a Virtual IP PBX

If you are using a virtual IP PBX, you are ahead of the curve in operating your business cost effectively with cloud-based services. However, you have likely found that even if the virtual IP PBX frees you from operating a physical server, it still requires rollout of VoIP across your network. And you may have found it is both expensive and complex to get all the IP phones, PC soft-phones, VoIP apps and VoIP network components to operate reliably and to provide consistent voice quality.

OnRelay's mobile PBX to the contrary uses standard cellular voice minutes instead of wireless data / VoIP connections. This means OnRelay works everywhere and it requires no broadband internet connection or VoIP apps. Cell networks have unlimited scale, and unlike a virtual IP PBX OnRelay can therefore be rolled out immediately to all your staff without any need for IP phones, ISP bandwidth upgrades, new routers, firewall changes, PC soft phones, LAN cables and the likes. And you get the same voice quality as you are used to with your cell phone, and that you probably use for most business calls anyways.