I Have a Premises PBX

If you have a premises PBX, your company has likely invested in an IP based communications infrastructure. This was probably sold with a promise of ICT cost savings and productivity gains. But you may have found IP PBXs are complex to implement and operate, and expensive to scale. And most of the IP phones are sitting there unused while staff use their cell phones for business calls.. You have therefore little control over business telephony, you have no reliable records of customer calls, and staff who leaves your company take their business numbers with them (and their clients..)

OnRelay is a scalable Mobile PBX that works over regular cell connections. It includes all the bells and whistles of an enterprise PBX, such as extension dialling, auto-attendants, online directory, call transfers, visual voice mail, and corporate dial plans. Forklifting your expensive IP PBX infrastructure investment in one go may be unrealistic, but OnRelay can help with sensible mobile and cloud migration strategies.