Why OnRelay

OnRelay's 'mobile PBX' is unique in the business phone system marketplace in being 100% functional over standard cellular networks. Most 'virtual PBX' services use HD voice / VoIP as their primary wireless transport. Even if these systems may be able to forward incoming calls onto cell networks, they require WiFi or high speed cellular data connections to place office calls, transfer calls, display all relevant call information and otherwise work as advertised. But VoIP connections are not reliable over wireless data networks. To the contrary, OnRelay works 100% using regular cell minutes and your standard smartphone phone interface.

OnRelay provides a complete suite of business telephony features for mobile business customers. These include mainline with auto attendant and receptionist consoles, hunt groups, conference calls, transfers, extension dialing, called and calling number display, directory service, unified / visual voice mail and a variety of advanced call distribution rules.

OnRelay has pioneered cellular business telephony since the early 2000's. The service is based on a unique and patented cellular technology. OnRelay's Mobile Branch Exchange patent (See US 6,993,360‎) is referenced from more than 140 later patents from the who-is-who in comms, including Cisco, Avaya, NEC, Samsung, Microsoft, SAP, AT&T, Sprint, Avaya, Nokia, Alcatel Lucent, Motorola, RingCentral, Sprint, Microsoft, Salesforce.com, Ericsson and Blackberry.