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Setup a PayPal subscription below with a 2 week free trial. Within 24 hours your company will have a complete mobile office phone system. You use smartphones, regular cellular voice minutes and current carrier contracts. There is no need to purchase desk phones or upgrade your internal network or Internet connection for VoIP. You may port your existing office numbers to OnRelay now or later, which normally takes 3-5 business days, or get a new number range in your country and area code of choice.

As soon as you have selected your desired licenses and checked out, we will be in touch and setup your system. The monthly costs are fixed, auto-billed, and all inclusive. You can cancel at any time during the trial period. Thereafter there is no binding period and the service can be cancelled with a 30 day notice. All billing is handled by PayPal, and you can use a PayPal account or a debit / credit card.

Not quite sure yet? Please leave an inquiry and we will answer any questions you might have. See here for a list of supported countries.

Product Licenses Per Month Amount
Mainline number with voice menus, live operator during working hours and auto-attendants, enables parallel ring and queue groups for all users
$19.99 $19.99
Mobile User
User with a cellular extension, includes mobile app license and all domestic calls
$17.99 $0
Fixed Mobile User
User with a paired cellular and Polycom landline extension, includes mobile app license and all domestic calls
$19.99 $0
Direct User Number (DID)
Direct inward dialing (DID) number that can be assigned to any user
$4.99 $0
Mainline Alias
Additional mainline number e.g. in a different area code or country, or routed to a specific auto-attendant or call group
$9.99 $0
Conference Bridge
Dial in conference bridge with dedicated DID and PIN
$13.99 $0
Fax to Email
Inbound fax number that forwards incoming faxes to email
$5.99 $0
Total Setup: $0
Total Subscription: $19.99

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License Details:

Mainline: The ‘Mainline’ subscription gives your company a main company number in your desired area code. It has a pre-configured auto-attendant with a voice menu, and you may also connect a VoIP extension for a receptionist. The product enables a dynamic call group feature such that users can join and leave call groups for e.g. Operator, Sales and Customer Services. Several other advanced forwarding and call distribution options can also be setup.

Mobile User: Each user license includes a direct mobile ‘DID’ number in your desired area code as well as all domestic calls. Each user receives a welcome email and registers via the mobile Office Phone app they download from Apple’s AppStore or Google Play.  The Office Phone app is very feature rich and for all practical purposes serves as your desk phone in your pocket.

Conference Bridge: This option allows your company get a dedicated conference bridge with a separate DID number and a PIN for dial in participants. The conference bridge is also reachable from dialing ‘#’ on your mainline auto-attendant. Although it is not a hard limit, OnRelay does not recommend more than 5 participants.

Fax to Email: The fax to email service allows you to receive faxes to a dedicated fax number, such that incoming faxes are forwarded as a pdf file to the email address associated with your company mainline. Note it is not possible to send faxes with the OnRelay fax service, only to receive.

Mainline Alias: Sometimes it is desirable to have multiple numbers associated with your company mainline, for instance in different area codes. Alternatively, your company may want to route a specific number directly to a call group or voice menu. Users can dial out from a mainline alias, as well from the company mainline. The mainline alias can also be a toll-free number, but if so please contact sales@onrelay.com for a fixed rate quote, which will be based on your estimated incoming call volume.

User Alias: Some of your staff may require multiple DID numbers for historic reasons after change of number plans, or in order to place and receive local business calls in different area codes. A user alias number can as such be attached to any of your existing mobile user licenses as an additional contact number.

Terms and Conditions:

Billing: You will be charged and notified by PayPal each month as per the above quotation. It is optional for you to setup a PayPal account or just register a credit or debit card with PayPal. Note all credit or debit card processing is handled by PayPal, and OnRelay does not store or have access to your card or bank account details. You may yourself cancel your subscription via PayPal or by contacting support@onrelay.net.

Termination: There is no binding or contract period, and the service may be terminated with a 30 day notice. If the service is terminated you will be allowed to port your numbers to a different provider at no cost during the notice period.

Number Ownership: You may chose to receive new numbers in your area code from OnRelay, or port existing numbers to OnRelay. There is no additional charge for either option. Porting numbers to OnRelay normally takes 3-5 business days. If you were to terminate the service you will be able to port your numbers to your new provider.

Your Responsibilities: You are responsible for ensuring your staff are equipped with smartphones with cellular connectivity, capacity and coverage consistent with your service quality requirements. If you select to use physical IP phones with OnRelay, please bear in mind OnRelay is not your IT administrator, and you must ensure you have the IT management resources and capacity to provision and operate your internal network and Internet connection for VoIP.

Support: If you have any questions, concerns or problems with the system, or wish to cancel the service, please don’t hesitate to email support@onrelay.net. Please also refer to our service level agreement at www.onrelay.com/support/service-level-agreement.

Terms of Use: The monthly service charges are all inclusive and cover landline call costs for US domestic calls, DID number rental costs, software licenses, service hosting, support and upgrades. Please refer to our standard licensing terms at www.onrelay.com/about/software-licensing-terms-of-use and our privacy policy at www.onrelay.com/about/privacy-policy.

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